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Point & Shoot // PENTAX IQZoom 140m // Camera Review

There's nothing I feel connected to more than a point & shoot camera. A 'mom' camera or party camera if you will. I carried one all through my 20's and I loved having something to document with. Sure. . . I had a cellphone but something about taking 5 of the same photo with your phone and then having people look at it and be like 'can you take another' is just so annoying. Having dedicated camera on hand is something I always encourage people to do and a classic P&S camera is the easiest way. Just make sure you don't use the zoom function too hard and shoot like you're everyones uncle at a family reunion (get in their face, blast em with the flash, capture those moments that make people feel like they are there again) More camera reviews to come. Thanks for watching.

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