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George from Negative Feedback gives Positive Feedback on one of my photos! Fuji Pro400H

The day I shot this roll of Fuji's Pro400H was the day that I found out they would be discontinuing this film stock. Quite the bummer as I've really grown to love the blues and greens that it highlights for both landscapes as well as portraits. I shot two rolls at a park near my house at golden hour and was really pleased with not only the photos but also the shooting experience. I bought this camera because it was relatively inexpensive and I had always wanted a working TLR camera since I found my grandfathers rolleiflex; corroded and bent. It was a heartbreaking find as something of the nature could have been a lovely heirloom for a photographer like me. I found some film with it though which I had scanned . .. I'll make a post about that later. Spoiler. . . it's from Europe WWII. Anyway, check out the video and I'll post the favorite photos below as well.

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